Monday, April 14, 2008

Commence Art Blog #2

So this is what I managed for a first post. Quick speed painting for a friends film Im probably going to be concepting for =)
Mostly just having fun here playing with complements (love those complements.) This is pretty much how I feel about hospitals... theyre satans bathroom.

Anyway, I'm getting ready for the portfolio crunch this summer, gonna be a lot more junk like this going up as the weeks go on... but the goal is, by week 9 of the summer term (mid-late july?) for my skills to be improved so drastically that you wont be able to compare this to what I will be able to do... thats the goal.

Reason? Well, for one... I simply must get into entertainment design. Two, I just need to do it, for myself... I need to really dedicate some serious time to my art and to proving to myself that I can compete with other artists... I want to get that much better at drawing, and to develop better color sensibilities. So. Heres the start of my endeavor. And, I suppose, this is an oath to myself that Im really going to commit to this. No matter what.

With that... here's a few older drawings...
Figure drawings from the first and second figure drawing classes I took... and the environment is from my stolen concept art project lol... these range from 1.5 years old (figure) to about 8 months old...

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