Thursday, March 18, 2010


As a part of my effort to be a little more current with my updates... here's this weeks STUFF!

Sketches and Color Comps for the final project in our costume class... My version of this character is strong willed, cunning, just, fair, and beautiful... also she is said to be from the land of "Bohemia" so my concept is that this is an alternative universe in a somewhat futuristic setting. The people of her land are the sort of "green" movement of the day and live a very alternative lifestyle. Therefore I'm incorporating tattoos in as a large part of how her costume works and thinking a lot about how it shows her skin and frames what is intended to be meaningful tattooing.

A couple longer poses from today, I chose to exaggerate and attempt making some interesting period compositions. We worked off of Nouveau and Deco fashion today. So my inspirations were Klimpt (an all time fave of mine along with Mucha) and then 1930s art deco fashion illustration. I LOVE these periods. So much.

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