Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Entertainment Design Portfolio

So this has been a pretty epic past two weeks. I must say.

It all started about 3 weeks ago when I was informed that the date for our first term entertainment design portfolios had been cut... in half.
Instead of four weeks, we had two.

Maybe to some of you this doesnt sound too bad. But when you find yourself facing the need to compile an entire portfolio that demonstrates good thinking skills, passion, consistency and skill... and you have to start from scratch. And you only had eight weeks in the first place... and then the last half gets cut in half... and theyre only accepting 18 people into this program.

You suddenly feel a sense of... dread.

So, the only option we had (I say "We" because I wasnt alone in this, my best friend Higgins was on this ride with me and we worked together the entire time) was to make up for the lost time... and not sleep.

We stocked up on energy drinks, energy candy bars, and food with lots of protein in it and set out on our mission.

A couple times we ended up sleeping in our cars. Almost every day we were up till 5 or 6 am working. We would show up to school each day that we didnt sleep in our cars between 10am-2pm and work till 5am again. This was almost every day, except for maybe one or two days where we left a little earlier (probably around 2 am.)
The last day I spent 18 hours straight in the computer lab - 5pm sunday night to 11am monday morning. And I didnt leave school until 7pm that night because of printer issues.

This is the short of the story. And it sounds like it was terrible... and parts of it were... but for the most part... it was fun, it was a lot of fun. Though... when I think about it, I get sleepy. lol.

So, we made it, we both did. And Tuesday morning we took our portfolios over and dropped them off so the next day they could be subjected to Elias and Scott.
Then we waited, and I was 50% scared and 50% excited. Thursday morning I woke up to my phone ringing and Higgins on the other side telling me to check my email.

I groaned and tried not to fling myself onto the floor from my loft bed. Plopped down in my chair... waited for my computer to boot up... fixed the internet... loaded gmail up.

And there it was an email straight from Mr. Scott Robertson himself informing me that my hard work had only just begun. Welcome to Entertainment Design!

Well, its all pretty much history from there. Or... future rather. There are going to be many more sleepless nights now... this is gonna be a lot of work. But Im SO up for it.

SO. After all that... Here's what you came to see.
All of this was done in under 2 weeks, save for some of the character stuff.

Click on the slide show to view larger images or the entire portfolio at your own pace.

(If youre viewing the larger images and are having a hard time reading the text, there is a magnifying glass towards the upper right corner of the page that will show the image full size.)


Cank Johnson said...

Very nice, good job.

Riley said...

Mucho congrats Beckers, you have come such a long way. I am very proud of you.

Jen (Ramsey) said...

Good for you! Your work is beautiful!

ks1tx3ca1 said...

Happiness is knowing that all that dragging a bag full of sketchpads everywhere we went (no exceptions!) has developed into this! You make me smile :) MOM

Bapsi said...

entertainment design is the major i wanna get into after i graduate high school.
your accepted portfolio is a huge help. ;_;
good luck at art center! <3

*hyde marge* said...

nice!! great art.

jpforjohnpark said...

beautiful work here! keep up the awesome work.