Tuesday, August 12, 2008

End Summer Term

Well ladies and gents.

Looks like another term has gone by at Art Center... congrats for making it through.

Little update on the wrist... its not better, this leaves me quite... annoyed.

I had intended on getting my chops up this summer, instead I spent it crossing my fingers that my wrist was going to be good to go for the fall term.

It looks like we're going to be A-OK fortunately, it has ceased spontaineous pain. Good thing. And now only really hurts when I really give it a good work out or... hold a pencil for an extended period of time. We're getting there.

Im confident, at least, that Ill make it now. But I admit, completely intimidated by the slate of 8 classes and 16 units... however, Im slightly happier about the fact that I wont have 18 units like many of the others... ouch, my heart goes out to you comrads... that english class is 4 units of gooooood times.

Anyway, DEFINITELY looking forward to the change of pace.
After the deadline for portfolios Ive had SOOOO MUCH NOTHING TO DO.

I have been SO BUSY with doing nothing.

Its deadly, dont do it. Summer sucks when you have nothing to fill your time up with (thanks modern medicine for prolonging the healing of my wrist, youre a champ)

So anyway, I just felt an update was needed... and hopefully ill have a little update before term starts... but uh, you know, dont sit on the edge of your seats pals (cause i KNOW you are)

Anyway, picked up a mini project for the next few weeks... so MAYBE ill eventually get to put some of that stuff up here. We shall see.

Righto, time for bed kids (past time, actually.)

Be Safe.

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Britney said...

thank you for your comment.
I'll do my best. >< thank you